Technical information

Dimensions (w x d x h): 600 mm x 600 mm x 850 mm
Depth with door open: 106 cmWeight (net): 90 kg
Nominal voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Power: 2300 W
Max. load: 6 kg / 7 kg
Power socket: (230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A)
Water pressure: min. 0,05 MPa, max. 0,8 MPa
Fuse: 10 A

Extra feature 🙂

Drum lamp: the drum is illuminated when the appliance door is open. If the
door is open for more than 5 minutes and no changes to the
settings have been made, the lamp goes off.

Basic Programs

Basic programs are selected according to the type of laundry you would like to wash. They are intended for washing of normally soiled laundry.

    1. Cotton: whites/colored

      Cotton and flax bed linen and underwear, table cloth, bathroom towels, top garments, etc.

    2. Synthetics

      Shirts, blouses and other polyester and polyamide garments, or a mixture of these fabrics with cotton.

    3. Delicate

      This is a program for delicate fabrics (dresses, skirts, blouses) and curtains.

    4. Wool

      Especially gentle program for washing wool, appropriately marked for machine washing.

    5. Manual wash

      Very gentle program concluded with short gentle spin (max. 400 RPM).It is suitable for washing fabrics from flax, silk, wool or viscose, marked accordingly for manual wash.

Extra settings

Availability of extra settings depends on the selected program. Certain functions are reciprocally exclusive, and may not be selected simultaneously.

    1. Short program (quick wash)

      • Suitable for washing less soiled laundry, or smaller quantities of laundry.
      • Washing and rinsing time is reduced.
      • Reduced water consumption.
    2. Heavy duty program (intensive program)

      • For washing extra soiled laundry.
      • Extended washing time.
    3. Easy ironing

      • Gentle tumble and reduced spin RPM of the final spinning prevent laundry to get extra creased.
    4. Extra rinse

      • For persons who are extra sensitive to detergents.
      • You may select between one or two extra rinses.
    5. Water clean sensor

      • The amchine automatically regulates number of rinses in accordance with water cleanliness measured by the sensor.
    6. Water plus

      • For washing extra soiled laundry.
      • Water level may be increased in two levels.
    7. Prewash

      • Use it to wash heavily stained laundry, especially with superfi cial dirt which is removed with pre-wash.
    8. Soaking

      • For removal of stubborn stains. Soaking time can be set from 1 to 6 hours. When time expires, the selected washing program starts automatically without water pumping function.
    9. Sound signal

      • Sound signal beeps at every touch of the screen, and it also signals the start and the end of washing program and reporting failures.
    10. Child lock protection

      • Operation of the washer may be protected against accidental changes of programs or functions. The function is activated by pressing the START/PAUSE button. At the touch of the screen the machine signals that the child lock is on. Child lock may be disengaged temporarily or permanently.
    11. Time delay

      • Time is set using arrows. You can delay start of the washing procedure for up to 24 hours, in 30 minute intervals for the fi rst two hour delay, and in hourly intervals for the rest.
    12. Mix

      • Special program for washing normally stained colored laundry made from various permanent press fabrics.
    13. Jogging

      • Quick program for washing less stained athletic attires made of cotton or synthetic fabrics.
    14. Rinsing

      • Independent rinsing program with intermediate spins at 800 RPM and final spin at max. 1600 RPM. You can use it for rinsing manually washed laundry. Spin revs can be selected.
    15. Softening

      • Program is intended for softening, bleaching or impregnation of washed laundry. It ends with intensive spin at 1600 RPM. Spin revs can be selected.
    16. Intensive spin

      • For spinning of non-delicate laundry with the possibility of selecting the number of RPM.
    17. Delicate spin

      • For spinning of delicate laundry with max. 1000 RPM, which can also be reduced.
    18. Pumping water

      • Use it when the washing program was interrupted or if pump stop function was engaged, and you only wish to pump the water out of the drum, without spinning.
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