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Legendary washing machine – washing of my black socks collection

#samsung washing machine #eco bubble #washing machine noise Samsung washing machine WF60F4E4W2W still alive in 2020. Especially for funs arround the world, direct from bathroom, with clock sound in backgroud and without commercial on the end of video… washing of my black socks collection 🙂 This cycle name is “daily cycle”. I’m always trying to make something new in my footage. This thim I cuted the moments when is the soaking process. This makes the movie more dynamic. There aren’t that many long breaks. Write a review in the comments, what you think about this idea. 0:00 – Pumping out the water 0:37 – Water intake 2:42 – Gentle drum rotation 5:47 – Uniform drum rotation 6:44 – Normal washing 25:28 – Pumping out the water 26:41 – Gentle spin 32:28 – Again water intake 34:49 – Normal washing again 44:23 – Last time water intake 53:24 – Start of final spin 1200 rpm 01:01:31 – Melody 🙂 I hope you will relax while watching this wash and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

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