Washing against coronavirus

Washing at high temperatures will help in the fight against coronavirus (iStock)

Coronavirus attacks

The virus dies at very high temperatures. What about washing clothes then? The most effective weapon against coronavirus is hygiene. We have heard this sentence changed by many cases for a long time. In addition to regular hand washing, it is also worth taking care of the cleanliness of our surroundings. What about our clothes? Experts from Great Britain remind you that germs can also spread on clothing and advise that due to the coronavirus, wash at the highest possible temperature.

1. High temperature shortens the life of the virus

There is no hope that higher temperatures outside the window will completely eliminate the difficult opponent. However, experts are sure that the higher the temperature, the shorter the life span of the virus.

Experts from Great Britain remind you that clothes and towels can also be a “conveyor” of pathogenic germs. That is why it is so important to wash clothes more often than usual in connection with a pandemic and to take additional measures to stop bacterial growth. Washing at 30 degrees is not enough to kill the virus.

2. The higher the temperature, the worse for the virus

The higher the washing temperature, the more likely we are to get rid of viruses that may be on our clothing.

“Our internal body temperature is around 37 degrees and provides ideal conditions for the development of bacteria and viruses. And so, if you want to ward off coronavirus, you need to wash at a higher temperature,” says Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap.

Experts believe that most viruses will not survive at temperatures above 60 degrees, therefore it is worth washing cloths, bedding, bath towels and children’s clothing at this temperature. For clothes that could get damaged due to such high temperatures, it is worth simply washing them more often than usual.

3. Use a dryer and iron

We have bad news for those who don’t like ironing. This is a time when this is more desirable than usual. The higher the temperature, the worse it is for germs. Of course, remember to follow the instructions on the product labels.

Deyan Dimitrov believes that it can also be helpful to use a clothes dryer, which, due to the warm temperature, can also block the development of the virus.

4. How to protect yourself against coronavirus?

Do not overdo it with detergents. It is always worth following the instructions on the product packaging. Using more powder or washing liquid will not make the clothes “cleaner”, the effect can be the opposite. Soap particles can stick to the laundry, trapping dirt.

Do not forget to disinfect the washing machine. Once a month, it is worth cleaning the washing machine itself. Just pour a cup of vinegar directly into the drum and start the hot wash cycle at a temperature of at least 60 degrees. This is a simple way to avoid the accumulation of soap, mold or bacteria.
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