Energy saving washing machines can be dangerous for health. Especially for children

In the interests of ecology, washing machine manufacturers provide more and more models that use less electricity and water. Washing in water is already the norm in using washing machines even in the medium shelf. Recent studies comparable that they can be hazardous to health.

Energy save cycles don’t kill bacteria

Baceteria in washing machines
Baceteria in washing machines

Many people may have already become accustomed to washing at low temperatures, as well as to the program for quick washing. Recent studies indicate that you should rethink your habits. Therefore, if you have eagerly used the possibilities of an energy-saving washing machine, after reading these tests, you better think it over.

An experiment conducted by German scientists from the University of Bonn shows that at low temperatures the survival of bacteria that can be dangerous, for example, to infants, increases. Fortunately for people in our environment there are few bacteria that can really threaten us.

However, doctors advise you to use high temperature washing modes when washing babies or infants. It is also worth paying attention to the impurities that accumulate in the rubber seals in the washing machines. They are an ideal habitat for bacteria. Clothes washed in such a washing machine can carry unwanted germs.

It is also a good habit to wash bedding and clothes at high temperature after a disease or when there is an animal at home. Although we won’t avoid all bacteria, scientists remind us that not all of them are dangerous for us, so with the minimum attention we can ensure a higher level of safety.

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  1. Well, that is a new piece of information that I did not have! In fact, that is why I used to wonder why my mother keeps soaking the clothes in hot water before putting it in the machine, which she says is more hygienic. I recently read a blog about washing machines titled ‘Washing Machine Market: Advancing The Technological Cycle’, where I read that Miele is developing a new filter that can remove plastic microfibers that come off the clothes during the washing operation. Again, that’s an important development.

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