Gorenje washer

Like a BOSS – GORENJE WA 65205 – delicate program

About GORENJE WA 65205 washer:

This is very interesting washing machine. The washer has among others 2000 rpm, light inside drum, lcd screen and two specialist ejecting button: to opening detergent dispenser (Detergent dispenser knob) and to opening the door of the washing machine (Door knob). About cycle: Delicate program + This is a program for delicate fabrics (dresses, skirts, blouses) and curtains.

About drum lamp (light inside drum):

The drum is illuminated when the appliance door is open. If the door is open for more than 5 minutes and no changes to the settings have been made, the lamp goes off. But… my friend – Mrozo – has made some improved and now washing machine has turned on LED light all the time during washing, without any “timeouts”!


Thanks for my friends: Mrozo and Cpyk. Without their helps this video has not never becomed.

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